A word or two from our customers

"My wife and I requested a quote from PBM after a reference from a friend. The job was awarded to PBM after seeing the work Hermann and his team put into the quote alone.
Particularly impressive was the blocking chart created for the duration of the project, outlining which trades would working and what we should expect build progressed. Any questions relating to the project could usually be answered by consulting the paperwork shared before work had began.
Hermann, Alex and the workers were diligent in leaving the house livable and clean in the evenings and on weekends. We had plenty of communication throughout the build, either when issues were discovered or our input was required. Ultimately, we felt comfortable leaving the house in the morning knowing that our vision for the project was clear with those completing the work.
All in all, this was a very positive experience, and one that I hope others experience when completing home renovations". (Max Donaldson)


"You will find the work of excellent quality, his personnel very professional, and the finished product highly satisfactory." (Don Hunt)
"Looking back at all the planning and the coordination of the work we can only say: you are the best." (Eagle Security 2000 Limited)
". . . we wanted to personally thank you and your staff for making our dream come true and the extra care in so many little things." (Van den Berg)


". . . we are extremely pleased with the workmanship and attention to detail that your group provided to us." (Barbara Miller)
" . . . the house is aesthetically pleasing to the eye." (L. & H. Kuniski)
" This is the seventh house we have owned, . . . never have we had a contract with one so capable, sincere, true to his word, with such a sense of pride in his work as Hermann." (L. & H. Kuniski)
"I am a licensed Realtor . . . seen the work of countless contractors. . . became aware of the quality of work produced by PBML through a couple of my clients . . ." (Don Hunt)
" . . . you emphasized safety to your men throughout the project . . ." (Mel Parsons)


"We especially appreciated your working within a tight timeline, coordinating all the work smoothly and professionally . . ." (E. Massoud & N. Atallah)
". . . we were very pleasantly surprised when your workers finished the job ahead of schedule." (E. Massoud & N. Atallah)
" . . . kept to the original schedule on a dialy basis and the work was done in a highly professional standard." (Don Hunt)


". . . over the past 40 years, had reason to use a number of contractors . . . for the first time in our lives, you went further than we expected from you or any other contractor we have used." (Mel Parsons)
"Numerous contractors have been asked to fix it, but none had ever been able to be certain of a solution until you arrived." (Mel Parsons)
". . . your high level of professionalism shows in the quality of your work." (Van den Berg)


"We also were very glad to find that there was no clean-up for us to do . . ." (E. Massoud & N. Atallah)
". . . every section of the work at the end of the day was vacuumed and all rubbish removed . . . " (Mel Parsons)
" At the end of the day things were always cleaned up and put away and any little thing we requested was always looked after." (Eagle Security 2000 Limited)


". . . detailed his schedule and costs in a highly professional manner which was beyond what I expected and certainly more detailed and comprehensive than any contractor I had dealt with previously." (Don Hunt)
". . . appreciated the way you consulted us . . ." (E. Massoud & N. Atallah)
"It was great to have an itemized estimate of the costs, which did not change as the work progressed." (E. Massoud & N. Atallah)
". . . a guaranteed estimate." (Mel Parsons)
". . . you lived up to your guaranteed prices, even though the original sub trade roofer was unable through injury . . ." (Mel Parsons)
" . . . never asked for any inflationary extras. . . . repaired at a very fair cost." (Mel Parsons)
" . . . and guaranteed his work - all of this in a friendly, yet professional manner." (L. & H. Kuniski)
" . . . Hermann returned . . . to verify that the problem was actually solved . . ." (L. & H. Kuniski)


" . . . very skilled workers who obviously take pride on their work . . ." (Mel Parsons)
" . . . very polite and capable workers. . . "(L. & H. Kuniski)
"I found his employees very professional." (Don Hunt)
"Their (workers) attitude and working habits have been a pleasure to watch." (Van den Berg)


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We want to thank all our customers for their business

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